Wallet Connection Required

Welcome to our referral system! We've introduced a cool feature that rewards you for inviting your friends to join the game. Here's how it works


Invite Your Friends: Spread the word about our awesome game and invite your friends to join in on the fun. You'll get rewarded for each friend you bring on board!



Get Your Invitation NFT: When your friend accepts your invitation and joins the game, they'll receive a special Invitation NFT (non-fungible token) as a welcome gift.


Earn Rewards: As a thank you for bringing new players, both you and your friend will receive a share of the game's fees. That means every time your friend plays, you both benefit!


Unlock Inviting Privileges: Want to invite even more friends? Once you've played the game 20 times, you'll unlock the ability to invite others and earn rewards.

So start inviting your friends and let's grow our gaming community together!

Regarding fees

1. The game's fee is 4%.

2. If you invite someone, you receive 10% of the invited person's game fee.

3. The person invited also receives 10% of their game fee back.